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Removable Prosthodontics - Dentures & Partial Dentures

Removable Prosthodontics is the area of restorative dentistry that includes any prosthesis that comes in and out of the mouth.  Routinely, this refers to complete dentures and partial dentures.  Complete dentures (sometimes referred to as “plates”) are used when there are no remaining teeth on either the upper or lower jaw.  Partial dentures are ideally used when several strategic teeth remain (structurally sound and in an ideal location in the jaw), that can help to support or retain the denture.  In some cases, the above prostheses can also be used to help prosthetically correct a jaw defect, such as a cleft palate.  Removable prostheses are fabricated by a dental lab technician who specialized in this specific area of the dental field.

Our current treatment philosophy is to avoid removable appliances but when no other reasonable choices exist we strongly encourage the utilization of dental implants to improve the comfort and function of the appliance.

Once the teeth are lost considerable supporting bone is lost over time. (as much as 1/32 inch per year) The longer a denture is worn less ridge support is present making denture wear increasingly more difficult with age. Supporting the denture with implants greatly reduces, and in some cases stops the bone loss.

Dental implants also greatly enhances the function of a denture or partial. Studies have shown that complete dentures function at approximately 17% the efficiency of natural teeth at best, where as implants supporting a denture can restore to 50-75% of normal function.

Many designs and techniques are used depending on ones situation.

Information on Implant Dentures