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Jaw Dysfunction: Temporolmandibular Dysfunction-TMD

TMD Dysfunction

Pain in the jaw joints (TMJ) or muscles supporting the jaw can occur from many combinations of problems. Muscle spasms and pain can be the result of clenching habits that overstress the muscles similar to overexerting other muscles of the body .

Jaw joints can also become involved with clicking and popping of the internal disk structures and inflammation of the capsule surrounding the joint (capsulitis) which can also be very painful. Tooth imbalances can also be a contributing factor in initiating or aggravating the muscle and joint problems.

Unfortunately when you need to use your jaw muscles for every meal, healing and achieving relaxed muscles can be difficult. An oral examination can help determine the sources of jaw pain. This can determine if joint or muscle pain or both is involved .

A doppler evaluation of the joint can also be performed which will help determine if the disk has been deformed or displaced. Following the stress reduction protocols are always beneficial and sometimes a protective nighttime biteguard is indicated.