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Composite Bonded Restorations

Missoula Montana Dentistry_Mengs Dental Case Study 20If you have received a composite or tooth colored restoration from our office, you can be assured your restoration utilizes the state-of-the-art material and techniques available at the time of its placement. These materials do have limits to the forces that they will withstand and, therefore, some reasonable precautions are advised. In general any food or object that can break a natural tooth can also cause premature failure of a restoration. This especially pertains to foods such as ice, hard nuts, jerky, and frozen foods such as candy bars. Habits such as non- protected tooth grinding, biting fingernails, etc. are common sources of tooth fracture and restorative failure. Protective mouthguards are recommended for any contact or highly active sport.

We will replace any restoration during the following year at no charge, (if a bond fails) unless from trauma or abuse. The following two years we will prorate the fee at the time of replacement. i.e. in year 1-2 you would pay 33% of the current fee , year 2-3 66% of the replacement fee would be assessed and full replacement costs after three years. We will provide normal servicing to your restoration such as polishing away surface stains or crazing and reglazing restorations at no charge during your regular cleaning maintenance. These materials and techniques improve continually and we currently see bonding materials in conservative restorations lasting 12+ years. If your restoration was placed for short term stabilization prior to recommended crown treatment, no warranty can be extended.