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Vital Bleaching

General Dentistry - Bleaching Missoula Montana Hydrogen peroxide compounds have been used for many years to bleach teeth. It was usually applied by dentists and used with heat and/or light to stimulate its bleaching action. In recent years, new techniques have allowed patients to apply peroxide to their teeth at home using custom fitted trays. Although bleaching compounds can be purchased in pharmacies or grocery stores, the most predictable and fastest bleaching compounds may be obtained from dentists. This type of bleach should be supervised by trained dental professionals.
This technique has been highly effective without using heat or light. At this time bleaching teeth outside of the dental office with a peroxide containing compound in custom fitted trays is the fastest and most painless method known.  Laser lights are heavily promoted in the press as an instant process. These techniques do produce heat but research is inconclusive as to possible harm to teeth. We do not prescribe laser techniques due to the added costs, safety concerns, and the continued need for conventional home applications. Economically, a professionally made tray system is equivalent to approximately a years course of an over the counter bleach and hence much less costly long term.