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Dental Implant Services

SingleTooth/ Bridge /Removable

Dental implants involve placement of a titanium fixture as a root replacement in the jaw structure. These anchors can then be utilized in various ways to replace:

1) Single teeth (implant crown).

2) Act as bridge abutments for multiple tooth replacement.

3) Act as anchors for dentures and partial dentures.

The advantage of dental implants and their development over the past several years has significantly enhanced long-term treatment successes due to the ability to segment treatment throughout the dental arch and not depend on one "key" tooth to support a major dental reconstruction. For this reason the evolution of dental implants over the last decade has made dentistry more predictable in the long term as well as frequently eliminating the need for a removable prosthesis for tooth replacement.

The current system that we utilize is the Strauman dental implant system. These implants have several decades of research  verifying  long-term strength, predictability and safety. Many companies have copied design features of this system but the patented coating, superior engineering and credibility of the company make this our system of choice. The bio compatibility yields tissue adaptation that results in remarkable aesthetics.

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