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A crown in a restoration that is used to entirely cover a tooth which is badly broken down, or has a previous large silver or tooth colored filling which is failing. An slightly abbreviated restoration called an “onlay” may also be indicated this situation, if the destruction of the tooth is more minimal. Crown restorations can made of full gold, porcelain, or a combination design. Full gold crowns are still the restoration of choice on the molar teeth where the biting forces are the highest, especially in patients who have a history of tooth grinding. Porcelain crowns are tooth colored on the outside, and are reinforced with a white gold or zirconium substructure for strength. A combination design has a white gold chewing surface, with a porcelain outer surface, to allow for a tooth colored restoration with very high durability. This design is most commonly used on upper back teeth, where the porcelain is visible in the smile and the metal portion is “hidden” by the inside of the mouth.

All-porcelain crowns allow us the ability to provide a very strong structure for tooth replacement and the optical characteristics of all-porcelain provide the most esthetic crown restoration that can be achieved. All-porcelain crowns are utilized when insufficient tooth structure remains to use a more conservative procedure such as a laminate veneer.

Current technology is available to allow us to place the crowns and obtain a very realistic color transition with gum tissue and eliminate unsightly black lines or black triangles at the gumline. The benefits of many of the all-porcelain techniques now utilized allow us to achieve a smooth color transition between crown margins and tooth structures.

In the event of minor tissue recession or change over time a dark black unsightly line is never visable. Composite Bonding utilizes state of the art resin like materials that when bonded to tooth structure will blend very naturally to the tooth . This gives us the ability to widen, lengthen, or fill in dark spaces by the gumline.







The photograph above demonstrates the various crown designs available
From left to right represents the strongest to weakest designs.