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Case Study 41: Implants

  • The patient had broken several teeth, and was about to loose another. 

  • After implant placement, provisional or temporary restorations were placed to help form the gum tissue to get the best final result. 

  •  Final screw retained crowns were fabricated.

  • The crowns were placed to look as natural as possible, given the compromised situation.

  • Screw retained restorations were used.  These restorations do have a hole in the top that is filled with a cavity filling material.  The big advantage in having a screw in your implant is, should it ever get loose or should the implant have a problem, it is very easy to service.  Just like your car has a hood that can open, it is important to be able to service your implant should something happen.

  • A lower tooth was also replaced with an implant.