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Case Study 27: Esthetic Protype Bonding, Veneers

This case is the result of significant wear from acidic reflux problems (GERD) resulting in significant wear in this young lady. Esthetic proto type bonding is first applied to test the design of my wax design.  Following approval, veneers are applied to the anterior teeth that wrap around both sides. This preserves valuable enamel and tooth structure enhancing strength and longevity of the restorations.

  • Initial smile profile.

  • Significant enamel wear is occuring due to loss of enamel tips exposing softer inner dentin. Once dentin is exposed wear occurs seven times faster.

  • Bonded prototype to test design.

  • Pleasing smile confirms design prior to fabrication of permanent veneers.

  • Final smile.

  • Final veneers wrap around tooth while preserving remaining enamel.

  • Restorations wil eventually extend back to cover all the wear on the posterior teeth. The posteriors are stabilized in the direct bonding material.

  • Final smile