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Case Study 25: Esthetic Prototype Bonding

This case demonstrates the use of a new bonding procedure that allows for an economical solution to treat teeth in phases when significant procedures are planned. This material can last 3-5 years or is sometimes bonded for a few weeks to test the planned design prior to committing to treatment. It is very useful when bite opening is required; hence, allowing treatment to be accomplished in phases.

  • These very worn teeth have very stable supporting tissue but have lost significant enamel which results in continued chipping. Comprehensive veneer type restorations are planned but cannot be completed until an extensive upper reconstruction with implants is completed. This prevents further wear and stabilizes the dentitin until the reconstruction is finished over a several year period.

  • The bonded esthetic prototype is performed in one sitting without anesthetic to yield a pleasing result.

  • This is functioning well after 3 years.