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Case Study 24: Miniveeners - Bonding

This case also demonstrates conservative boding of a shortened incisor with a miniveneer of the left central incisor. Minor bonding is also applied to the very small chip of the right central. Using porcelain rather than bonded composite on the shorter incisor provides a more durable and stable solution to the problem compared to direct bonding with the benefit of greater longevity.

  • This case was the result of orthodontic relapse and wear of a single central incisor resulting in an unesthetic smile. orthodontics is first used to correct the edge to edge bite.

  • This very delicate porcelain addition is very fragile until bonded into place. It then is very durable due to the properties of adhesive bonding technology.

  • The final smile utilizes the miniveneer on the worn incisor and some slight direct bonding of the very small chip of the right central incisor.