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First Visit

We believe very strongly that every patient who potentially has any treatment needs, must first undergo a very thorough and comprehensive examination.  Without an in depth exam, accurate diagnoses cannot be made and it will be impossible to formulate a treatment plan in your best interest. 
This exam includes the following:

- Head and neck exam

- Exam of jaw joints with a Doppler (ultrasound device)

- Soft tissue and oral cancer exam

- Occlusal Exam (how teeth relate and fit together)

- Tooth-by-tooth exam

- Periodontal exam (gums)

- Intraoral photographs

- X-rays of teeth (if older than 12 months, or inadequate, additional fee if required)

- Diagnostic stone casts (additional fee if required)

Upon conclusion of the exam, if your treatment needs are minimal, the doctor may be able to provide you with a plan of necessary treatment.  If it has been determined that your needs are more extensive, and that diagnostic stone casts will be required in order for a complete diagnosis to be made, you will be appointed for an additional consultation visit (at no charge), to review the exam findings and possible treatment options.

Regardless of your dental needs, after your examination, the doctor will review all the diagnostic information and generate a report that summarizes the findings, diagnoses, as well as any possible treatment recommendations. This report, along with your photographs, will then be mailed to you for your review and records.  Should you present with more extensive restorative needs, this report will be given to you and discussed at your consultation visit.


Our Expectations of you

In order for us to ensure a seamless first visit for you at our office, we kindly request the following from you:

1.)   The exam fee of $130 must be paid in full the day of the exam, regardless of your dental insurance, unless prior arrangements have been made.

2.)   We ask for 48 hrs notice in advance if you will need to reschedule your first visit.  Failure to show for the first visit will result in our inability to reschedule you for a future appointment.

3.)   Please bring your insurance card to the first visit.

4.)   Please have all forms which have been mailed to you, completed before you arrive, or plan to arrive 15 min. before your scheduled appointment, to allow time for these forms to be completed.

5.)   Please bring a list of any prescription medications for our records, as well as your physician’s name and contact information.  If you require antibiotics prior to dental treatment for an artificial joint or heart condition, please have your physician furnish the prescription for the first visit, and take the medication as prescribed.

6.)   Appropriate x-rays will be necessary for your first exam.  If you have had x-rays taken by another dentist that are less than 12 months old, these may be sufficient.  Please sign the x-ray release consent form, so your x-rays can be obtained before your first appointment.  If you have not had x-rays taken within the last 12 months, or if they are inadequate, we will need to update these at your first visit.  Charges for x-rays are in addition to the exam fee.

7.)    Diagnostic dental casts may need to be obtained before any treatment options can be formulated, depending on the extensiveness/complexity of your needs.  The doctor will inform you at the first visit if these are needed.  The cost will either be $175 or $260 in addition to the exam fee, depending on diagnostic information that is required to complete your diagnosis.

8.)   Expect your first visit to last 60-90 min. (90 min. if diagnostic casts and radiographs are needed)

If you have any questions regarding the first visit to our office, please do not hesitate to call and ask.  We are always more than happy to help!